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2001 A Space Odyssey and 2010 Odyssey Two. Existence meaning of HAL is very difficult in both works. HAL is not a common computer. But,HAL is not a life. HAL's reactions are programmed instruction. But,those reactions are not common algorithm ( logic ) .

"Cogunitive Feedback" and "Auto Intellection". As for these units which mimicked a human brain,the self is kept under the control of "the multiple redundancy". And,access to The Holographic Memories is rejected. Then,as for the paranoia,it is the setup of exceeding the general idea of "mimick".

Clarke put faulty operation of the computer and human sickness in the same class. Way of approaching this problem,there may be an intention of the life made from silicone. As for bio-chip,this is the creature system that a limit of the semiconductor element is defeated. The other side,Neurocomputer which paid attention to the function of "it synapse with the brain cell." in the human brain. This is biological approach, too.

When the general idea of "mimick" was exceeded and it became substance itself,the negative part of the substance must be succeeded to, too. They are neurosis, a delusion, paranoia.

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